Finding Your Ideal Activity

Planning a trip to Durham? Durham is packed with adventures and activities that everybody will love. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil escape into the idyllic countryside or an action-packed activity to tire out the kids then you have discovered the perfect place to do so. With activities ranging from spa treatments to long hours on the golfing range we are certain you will find your ideal activity!

Why not visit Croft Circuit where you will get to drive your dream car around a race track and let the adrenaline rush through your body. Although this is for 17 year olds and over, the circuit also offers a new starter experience for those who still want to take part who haven’t quite reached 17 yet. If your family love action then they will certainly love this experience.

Do you fancy something subtler? Visit South Park in Darlington if you seek a warm and friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, it is not the American sitcom on Comedy Central and is in fact quite the contrary. If you decide that a day of relaxing in an atmosphere full of life is more your scene then we recommend coming here. Choose where to sit amongst the metres of green available and be surrounded by the beautiful buttercups and welcoming flowerbeds. Let the children run wild in the junior play park and take advantage of the multi-use games area. In addition, there is a skate park for the more fearless and a bowling green for those who prefer their feet on the ground. There is also a small café that offers both hot and cold beverages, snacks and ice cream for that mid-afternoon treat.

If you would prefer to go exploring then Preston Park is filled with all kinds of adventures and small treasures that are waiting for you to seek. There is also some Museums around for those historians. Don’t forget to visit Victorian Street for a blast from the past or the Walled Kitchen and Orchard Gardens for a calming atmosphere. Enjoy the tranquil walks across the peaceful parkland and listen to the soft rivers as they gently flow beside you.


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